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Candle & Fragrance Information Videos

We believe in helping to create customer satisfaction and loyalty by informing people of the best tips and tricks for candles and related products. Whether you need to know the different available sizes of a tea light and their burn times or want to know how to recycle candles, learn it all here. If you ever have a video request please email us your idea.

How to Get Rid of Vacuum Cleaner Smells

Add drops of Scented or Scented Oils to the vacuum's vent or strap a Scented Sachet to the vent and get the same effect. This video will reveal two different methods of improving the scent that comes from your hoover as well the air in your home.

Candle Burning Safety Tips

Candles emit friendly warm light, fragrance the home with choice aromas, are crucial for decoration, but can pose safety concerns if not taken care of properly. This video goes over candle safety with pets, wick trimming, locations and more.

Trimming A Candle Wick

Candle enthusiasts need a Wick Trimmer. It makes your candle burning experience in every way, shape and form much better. Using one regularly will yield the best and cleanest scent possible, avoid soot, smoke and charred ceilings. Watch our video for a demonstration and more about the benefits.

Pillar Candles

Elegant and striking, Pillar Candles make wonderful centerpieces for your table or fireplace. They have a long burn time and come in a range of colours to suit your taste. Watch this video to best see how to utilize pillar candles, see what our range offers, as well as tips for pillar candles.

Reed Diffusers

A fabulous scent alternative to candles, Reed Diffusers continuously emit scent, have no flame, and require no batteries. Oil diffusers have the same true to life scents as our wax candle ranges. In this video learn how to use reed diffusers, discover more about what they do, how they work and what are range offers.

Candle Safety Lighters

Candle Lighters are an essential part of easy candle burning, especially for deep jar candles. A candle safety lighter allows you to avoid burns, soot and maintain convenience. In this video learn how to use candle lighters, better understand the benefits of using a lighter over matches and what our range offers.

Jar Candles

Clean and self contained, Jar Candles are a simple and stylish way to light up your home with colour and fragrance. We have a wide range of Jar Candles with everything from lush fragrances to odour neutralising jar candles. This video demonstrates our wide range as well as tips to get the most from a jar candle.

Different Candle Types

Candles come in a very wide variety. Including scented candles, unscented candles, different colours, sizes, scents and alternatives. Each type has a specific purpose, as well as advantages and drawbacks. To see a short demonstration of each type watch our video.

Votive Candles

Small and stylish, Votive Candles are a great way to sample new scents and look wonderful in any setting. Choose from our great range of fragrances, styles and brands and discover your perfect candle. Our video reveals helpful information about votives, such as suitable holders for votives and also explores our extensive votive sampler range.

Wax Tarts

The quickest and cleanest scent comes from a Wax Tart. Also a great way to sample scents, wax melts are a unique twist on candle burning allowing creative scent mixology when placed in a wax tart burner. This video reveals what tools are needed for tarts and demonstrates how to use wax tarts.

Candle Holders & Accessories

We have a very diverse selection of Candle Accessories, everything from burners to lighters. Don't forget to trim your wicks and make those wax pool last in order to get the best scent throw. This video explores every option we have for candle holders and any accessory that may be necessary for various candle types.

Tips for Scented Candles

In this video we reveal how to get the most fragrance from your Candles. Understanding scentology will allow you to get the best scent throw. Find out how to scent mix, re-use leftover wax, remove wax from jars and general care information for your candles.

Tea Lights

Choose from classic unscented Tea Lights and our gorgeous range of scented tea light candles. Tea light candles are a candle essential in almost any home and create the most magical accent lighting. In this video learn about the different tea light sizes and their burning times, what our range offers, as well as tea light tips.

Yankee Christmas Candles

Fragranced Oil Reed Diffusers come in sleek and sophisticated designs for fashionable home fragrancing. The oil diffusers have the same true to life scents as all the wax candle ranges.

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