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Odour Eliminating Candles

Treat yourself to a clean, sweet-smelling home every day with our great choice of Odour Eliminating Candles. Our extensive range of anti-odour products has everything you need to keep your home smelling fresh as a daisy. We even have anti-bacterial diffusers, which help eliminate bacteria.

Browse our collection of anti-pet odour candles, bathroom and toilet candles, bedroom candles, anti-tobacco candles, household candles and kitchen odour-eliminating candles, you're sure to find everything you need for a fresh and welcoming home.

Odour Eliminating Candle Jars

Odour Eliminating Candle Jars
Show all Odour Eliminating Candle Jars

4 products, from £4.99

Odour Eliminating Reed Diffusers

Odour Eliminating Reed Diffusers
Show all Odour Eliminating Reed Diffusers

1 product, from £11.99

Odour Eliminating Tea Light Candles

Odour Eliminating Tea Light Candles
Show all Odour Eliminating Tea Light Candles

6 products, from £2.99

Odour Eliminating Tin Candles

Odour Eliminating Tin Candles
Show all Odour Eliminating Tin Candles

3 products, from £2.99

Odour Eliminating Votive Candles

Odour Eliminating Votive Candles
Show all Odour Eliminating Votive Candles

1 product, from £0.99

Price's Odour Eliminating Candles

Price's Odour Eliminating Candles
Show all Price's Odour Eliminating Candles

12 products, from £2.99

Our Odour Eliminator Range combines effective odour eliminators with fresh fragrances, so you can relax in your home, free from unwanted odours. We also have Pot Pourri, Reed Diffusers and Electric Air Fresheners to keep your home smelling wonderful every day.

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" Thank you got my candle today very quick, will use your company again and recommend it. " - Paul H.

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