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Malie Candles

Malie Candles bring you beautiful paradise fragrances and natural soy wax from the Hawaiian Garden Isle of Kaua'i. The wild-crafted natural fragrances are uplifting and exotic, transforming your home into a haven of tropical beauty and blissful relaxation.

Malie, pronounced mah-lee-ay, is Hawaiian for calm, serene, tranquility. Malie Organics honors our roots in Hawaii by using only indigenous and local Hawaiian flora to create an extraordinary line of all natural, organic, luxury spa and beauty products.

Malie use all-natural ingredients, soy wax and Hawaiian fragrance hydrosols to capture the lush beauty of Hawaii. Our full range of Natural Wax Candles also includes BSAB Soy Wax Candles from Thailand, Heaven Scent Essential Oil Candles and the wonderful Colony Naturals Range.

The flourishing rainforests of Hawaii offer the purest and most fragrant flowers and luscious fruits in the world. From this environment, we introduce Malie; luxurious natural and organic products for your home body and spirit. Preserving the botanical benefits of these fruits and flowers, each product embodies the Hawaiian Hydrosols - the gentle floral waters that contain every element of the plant at the molecular level.

Everything in Malie Organics' products is safe and nontoxic, with absolutely no petroleum, mineral spirits, sulfates or parabens. Because of our commitment to your health, well-being and the environment, we only use all natural, organic and wild-crafted ingredients. All ingredients are approved for use in cosmetics by the Natural Products Association. Malie does not test on animals or use animal products.

Malie Organics' ingredients range from cultivated organic harvests to the rare wild-crafted plants of our rainforests. All ingredients are sustainably grown, ensuring constant renewal. Malie draws on the talent and time-honored traditions of local artisans to create each and every product. Malie Organics is dedicated to strengthening the Hawaiian way of life so we can continue to share the gifts of paradise with you!

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Malie is committed to making educated choices that have a positive effect on our environment, thus reducing our carbon footprint. It is important that we work together in our communities to find solutions and change the way we live and consume. Being green is a part of daily living. It encompasses the choices we make and the actions that follow our choices. People can turn things around by making small incremental efforts to green their lives.

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Customer Testimonials

" Items have been received and I would like to compliment you on the wonderful service you have given me both in terms of speed and quality of goods. " - David

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