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Eika Candles

Feel good and relax, make your dream of living come true. Immerse yourself into the wonderful world of Eika Candles! As one of the first candle manufacturers in Europe, Eika found its origin in Fulda in 1824.

Here you will find a wide-range of candles, offering everything from classic tea lights to pillar candles, floating candles, fragrance oils, glass jar candles, votive candles and dinner candles.

To complete your collection, the Eika range also features high quality matching candle accessories. With Eika you are making a choice of brand quality from Germany.

Eika Floating Candles

Eika Floating Candles
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Eika Tapered Dinner Candles

Eika Tapered Dinner Candles
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Originally associated with taper candles, pillar candles and christmas tree candles, the Eika brand stands for much more today. With Eika candles, users are supposed to feel good. Creating atmosphere takes centre stage. Eika delivers many good reasons to fill Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's thought with life again and again: "The essence of a candle is not the wax that leaves behind its marks, but the light."

Eika candle company feel deeply connected to tradition and are committed to highest quality standards, with ever 180 years of experience in traditional manufacturing methods combined with the know-how of modern techniques. From high quality raw materials, Eika manufacture candles which burn consistently quiet, non dripping and almost free of soot. Eika ensure consistent high quality standards through permanent quality controls, internal quality management and verification by an independent institute.

Eika uses both traditional handwork and impressive modern techniques. Depending on the the kind of candles to be manufactured, the right production method has to be chosen.

1) Drawing - The drawing method is one of the oldest techniques to manufacture candles. Several hundred metres of wick are stretched over two pulling drums, whereas the lower wick line runs through a wax bath. The more often the chilled wick is pulled through the wax, the stronger the string gets, which is then automatically processed fully to a finished candle. With this method christmas tree candles, for example, are produced.

2) Casting - Casting candles allows the manufacturing of almost all kinds of candles. In the middle of a rubber form, a wick is spanned and the form gets filled with wax. In order to produce decorated candles, the forms can be hinged, for plain candles many forms are strung together in special machines.

3) Pressing - The basic material for this method is pulverized paraffin, which is either compressed with high pressure in vertical stringed, two-part forms or densified in a compression chamber and then pressed out as a string through a press calibre for further processing. The wick is pressed in by means of a pipe. This technique is useful for pillar candles, ball candles, tea lights and memorial lights.

4) Dipping/ Dip Moulding - Through repeated dipping of the wick into the wax, it gets covered more and more with wax until the preferred candle diameter is reached. With this method, bees wax candles are manufactured.

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" I would like to commend you on your fantastic service,i will definitely be using you again placed my order friday afternoon got them delivered sat morning how brilliant is that all packed really" - Michelle

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