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Types of Candles

Candle Jar or Container

This is the common name for when a wax candle, scented or unscented, is poured, when being manufactured in to a specially designed, glass, metal or ceramic container. The container is designed to hold the wax and withstand the heat of the burning candle. See more of our jar candle range


The Votive candle is also associated with being a sample candle. It is generally a small cylindrical wax candle, normally only a few inches in size. The Votive wax candle is designed to be placed into a votive holder or into another appropriate candle holder. They were originally produced as standard white unscented candles, but now days they are available in scented and unscented and in wide range of colour. See more of our votive candle range


Typically Taper candles are anywhere from 6 to 18 inches high. These slender candles are sometimes referred to as dinner candles. They are designed to be held up right by an appropriate wax candle holder. See more of our taper candle range taper candles

Wax Tart

Wax tarts bring you great scents with no wicks. With this form of wax scented candle, you simply place the wax Pot Pourri into a wax Pot Pourri burner, to which you never add water, and then depending on style of burner, either light the unscented tea light underneath or switch on the electric wax Pot Pourri burner to gently melt the wax candle and release it scents. See more of our wax tart range wax tart candles

Pillar Candle

Wax pillar candles are a free standing candle. Usually they have a diameter of 3 inches of more, and sometimes more than one wick. Despite their name pillar or column candles, as they are also known, can be round, hexagonal, square etc. Although they are called free standing they must be burned on a heat resistant candle holder, appropriate to its size. See more of our pillar candle range pillar candles

Gel Candles

Generally a transparent type or see through candle made primarily from gelled mineral oils or gelled synthetic hydrocarbons. "Soft" or quasi-rigid gels are poured into a container to maintain the candles shape. "Hard" gel candles have a consistency suitable for free standing candles. Decorative wax items are frequently suspended within a gel candle to produce some stunning visual effects. Although sometimes free standing, candle must be placed on an appropriately sized heat resistant surface. gel candles

Tea Lights

Scented or unscented, these small cylindrical candles are often about 1 inch in diameter. The wax candle is poured into a specially designed metal or glass holder. Tea lights have multiple uses from, being the main source of light or to being a warming candle to melt wax pot pourri. See more of our tea light range tea lights


Quite simply, a luminaria candle is an outdoor candle made by placing a 15 hour votive in a light diffusing container filled with sand. luminaria candles

Floating Candles

Floating candles are shallow in design. With a smooth, slightly convex bottom designed specifically to float on water. floating candles

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