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St Eval Candle Company

The St Eval Candle Company produce quality handmade candles using traditional techniques and a unique range of naturally-inspired fragrances. Every St Eval candle is crafted in their small North Cornwall factory and finished by hand to ensure impeccable quality and a personal touch. Working in one of the most beautiful areas of the UK, the St Eval Candle Company endeavour to make as little impact on the environment and make a contribution to the local community.

St Eval believe that it is important to produce their fine candles without harming the beautiful environment of the North Cornish coast. They endeavour to create as little waste as possible and all of the packaging for St Eval candles is sourced from recycled materials. They also use as many natural and earth-friendly materials as possible, without unnecessary packaging or unnecessary synthetic materials.

Every St Eval candle is made using traditional candle-making techniques. The St Eval Candle Company are passionate about the art of making fine candles and its rich heritage. By using traditional methods such as hand-pouring, drawing, dipping candles, St Eval can ensure a hand-made and high quality candle every time. Combined with their exclusive fragrances and speciality collections, these traditional techniques allow St Eval to produce the finest hand-finished candles from the heart of North Cornwall.

St Eval Collections

The St Eval Candle Company may be small, but they produce a number of beautifully crafted candle collections that include speciality fragrances, styles for any decor and fine natural wax candles. Inspired by different locations, plants and places, St Eval Collections bring you a world of beautiful fragrances and stylish candle gifts for any occasion.

E&S Churchill Classics

In 2006 the St Eval Candle Company was delighted to acquire the candle company E&S Churchill, makers of fine heritage candles. St Eval have remained true to the spirit of E&S Churchill with a range of hand-crafted beeswax candles with timeless appeal. Candles in the E&S Churchill Classics range are beautifully crafted and presented. They contain at least 30% natural beeswax, which makes them clean-burning, long lasting and perfect for any occasion.

As Nature Intended

The As Nature Intended candle range are made with natural soy wax and naturally-derived fragrances, giving you fine St Eval quality and earth-friendly natural candles. Because they are made from sustainable soy wax, these candles burn for much longer than other candles. They also release many fewer toxins into the atmosphere, making them better for the environment and healthier for you. As Nature Intended candles come in four uplifting fragrances inspired by nature. Beautifully crafted and brimming with fresh and uplifting scent, the As Nature Intended range make wonderful candle gifts.

Victorian Herb Range

The Victorian Herb Range brings you true to life fragrances from a traditional herb garden of the kind popular in Victorian England. These highly fragrant candles are presented in elegant terracotta pots which makes them perfect for the kitchen, patio or conservatory. Combining fresh green plants with chopped herbs and wild flowers, the Victorian Herb Range gives you a taste of a fragrant garden in high summer, wherever and whenever you enjoy them.

Hellenic Collection

Inspired by the elegant ruins, fragrant plants and sunny hillsides of rural Greece, the Hellenic Collection consists of highly scented candles in aged terracotta containers with designs inspired by Ancient Greece. The three fragrances in the Hellenic Collection - Arcadia, Ephesus and Hestia - combine fresh herbs, Greek-grown citrus fruits, woods and green plants to evoke the natural beauty of Greece and the fascinating Hellenic culture of the Ancient Greeks.

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