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Five Reasons To Switch To Soya Wax

If you want your candle to be gorgeous, fragrant and environmentally friendly then look no further than soya wax candles. Using wax derived from soya beans is now more common than ever, and we have some great reasons why it could be the choice for you:

  1. Soya Wax comes from the soya bean, a legume that occurs naturally throughout the world. As this is a crop it is a renewable resource that is grown by farmers, and lessens our dependency on fossil fuels and their by-products.

  2. Soya wax burns cleaner and longer than paraffin wax, thus making it a more economical choice. The wax is also non-toxic, giving peace of mind to candle-lovers with small children and pets.

  3. There is no petrol soot released as a soya candle burns, thus minimising the impact on the environment. Soya wax is environmentally friendly as it produces significantly less in the way of damaging emissions than its paraffin counterparts.

  4. The fact that soya bean crops are renewable means that the crop contributes to the natural ecology of the planet and provides a resource for wax making that is not dependant on animal derivatives or fossil fuels.

  5. Soya wax is easily cleaned up with soap and water if spilled, making it easy to clean and suitable for use anywhere around the home.

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