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Palm Oil Information

Having been grown as a commercial crop in Malaysia since 1917, the Oil Palm produces fruit in bunches which are then harvested and sent to palm oil mills to undergo a process of sterilisation, stripping, oil extraction, clarification and finally purification.

Once processed, the crude palm oil is neutralized, bleached and deodorised to remove fatty acids, colour and scent. Once this is complete the crude oil then undergoes fractionation to produce Palm Olein and Palm Stearin, and then further fractionated to produce specialised products - e.g. cooking oil, margarines and creamers. Approximately 25% of palm oil is used for non-edible products.

Palm wax is made from one of the many fractions of crude palm oil. Some reasons for choosing palm wax are:

  1. Palm Wax candles are environmentally friendly
  2. Excellent for the purpose of vaporizing essential oils, thus suited to use in an aromatherapy candle
  3. Cleaner burning than traditionally used paraffin wax

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