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Advert Wreath Candles

Advent wreaths are a traditional way to mark the four weeks of advent and a beautiful way to fill your home with Christmas cheer. The traditional advent wreath is a circular wreath laid on a flat surface with one candle for each of the four Sundays of advent, as well as a central candle to be light on Christmas day itself.

The four candles are usually red, the central candle white and the wreath decorated with fresh evergreen cuttings. The lighting of advent wreaths can be a wonderful family celebration of Christmas and an important part of Christmas decorations, filling your home with light and good cheer.

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Make Your Own Candle Advent Wreath

Advent wreaths are fairly easy to make and are a great activity to get children involved in. You will only need a few simple items that can be found at and your local craft/hobby store. Gather your raw materials, get the whole family involved and create a gorgeous advent wreath to crown your family Christmas.

Step One - the Base

All you need for the base is a suitable Christmas wreath. Attractive wreaths can be found in garden centres and hobby stores - as long as your wreath can lie flat on the table, you could use just about any wreath.

Think about whether you want to use a fresh wreath every year, or an artificial wreath that you can use again and again. Traditional fir wreaths look wonderful, or you could choose an artificial red berry wreath, a modern tinsel wreath or a floral wreath with holly leaves for a bright, stylish look.

Step Two - Candles

For a traditional advent wreath you will need four candles and one larger candle to light on Christmas day. In many traditions the smaller candles are red and the central one white, or you could use red and green, all white or any colour you prefer. It's best to use taper dinner candles, because they will last for the whole of advent. Price's Red Handmade Dinner Candles are perfect, or you could use Plant Wax Dinner Candles for a greener option, or even Heaven Scent Juniper and Pine Essential Oil Dinner Candles for wonderfully festive fragrance.

Step Three - Candle Holders

You will need five candle holders to secure the candles safely in the wreath. If you want the candle holders to be hidden by the wreath base, Price's Star Candle Holders or Clear Candle Stick Holders will sit discretely under the wreath and still hold the candles securely.

For a sleek modern look, their Resin Taper Candle Holders look very stylish, or you can use any suitable candlestick. Simply place four of the holders with candles at equal points just inside your wreath base, and the fifth candle and holder in the centre of the wreath.

For safety reasons, make sure that the candles are secure and replace them if they burn down to the level of the wreath base. As long as you don't leave your wreath unattended, there should be no real fire-risk.

Step Four - Decoration

Now that the basic components are in place, you can get everyone involved in decorating the advent wreath. If you have very young children, you might want to secure the candles yourself and then let them decorate the wreath afterwards. You can use anything to decorate your wreath, from traditional holly and candy canes to small baubles, glitter and ribbons - the choice is yours! If your children are a little older, you could ask them to each make a special decoration to place on the wreath for each week of advent, starting a charming holiday tradition of your own.

Advent Candles

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