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Candles Naturally (BSaB)

Handmade in Thailand from 100% renewable soy wax and utilising the highest quality essential oils for fragrance, the range of products available is the choice for those who wish to enjoy fabulous scented candles without the worry of environmental harm.

Our five principle ranges are designed to specifically complement your home and provide you with a wonderful selection of innovative designs and gorgeous fragrances that work together to create candles of excellence.

The scent of these candles is rich and alluring owing to the use of natural extracts wherever possible. The range of scents utilizes aromas found in nature to create a candle that smells sensational and looks beautiful. Even when not alight, the candles provide fragrance to a room, maximising the pleasure you derive from them.

The choice of using soy wax means the candles burn cleaner, longer and in a way that does not pollute the environment. Certainly if you want an environmentally friendly candle that is at the forefront of style and innovation, then BSaB are the perfect choice.

Range Of Natural Candles

We currently stock four ranges of candles manufactured by BSaB. All utilise soy wax and are proud to be environmentally friendly. The ranges are as follows:

Bamboo Soy Pillar Candle

Using fragranced soy wax in a kiln-dried bamboo holder has created a candle that smells as good as it looks. Burning soot-free for approximately 37 hours, the bamboo is sourced from renewable plantations and kiln dried to prevent cracking.

Ceramic Soy Wax Candle

Utilising essential oils to give a strong depth of scent, these beautiful candles are contained by a simple ceramic holder that will complement any décor. The candles each burn for approximately 2 hours and come in a range of scent combinations that can be mixed to create your own individual blends.

Terracotta Soy Wax Candle

Designed to complement the range and uphold BSaB's beliefs about sustainability and natural products, these beautiful terracotta candles are highly scented and beautifully crafted to maximise your experience. Having a burn time of approximately 9 hours means you can enjoy these candles again and again, and the ceramic holders can be used to hold tea lights once the original candle has been used fully.

Coral Soy Wax Candle

Innovatively designed to create a dappled light effect as they burn, these candles have a solid core and external design of holes in the wax which create a magical glow when the candle is lit. The design of these candles is completely unique to BSaB and the candles have a burn time of between 30 and 70 hours (depending on size).

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