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Different types of candle wicks

Cored Wick

Generally used in candles requiring a self supported wick. Such as, containers, votives, and tea lights.

Flat Braid

Normally used in free standing candles, such as pillars and tapers, designed to bend slightly to encourage an even burn.

Square Braid

This type of wick is normally used in the majority of beeswax candles.


This type of wick combines all the benefits of a self trimming wick and the stiffness of a cored wick. This form of wick helps improve a wax pools symmetry and gives less mushrooming. This type of wick works well with most forms of candles.

Performa Cordless

A specially designed wick, which is made from an all cotton flat braid. It is engineered with a stiffening warp so they stand straight and resist bending. It also produces a more robust flame.


This form of candle wick is uniquely braided, it is coreless. It is a flat wick, which contains stabilizing threads that help ensure optimum burn. The stabilizer threads let the wick take on a natural curl at the tip to give a strong and stable flame. This helps minimise carbon build up, reduces afterglow, smoke and soot. Specially designed to improve the burning of paraffin and vegetable candles.


This wick is a round braided cotton cored wick that provides an increased flow of fuel (wax and fragrance) to the flame. Specially designed to consume vicious materials clogging or drowning, which is especially handy in containers and votives. Well known for having a stable and consistent flame.


This wick is coreless, non-directional, and in flat braid style. It has special paper filaments woven around it. It is designed to promote a maximum and consistent burn. It is versatile, but works especially well with harder to melt waxes. Works just as well with paraffin and vegetable bases.

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