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How Candles Are Made

Candle Wax

selling candles at the marketCandle making is an age old art. Candles can be made in various ways. It can be produced through a dripped, rolled, molded, layered or sculptured process. It is a time consuming process but the manufacturing costs of wax candles are low.

They first take a suitable wick for the mold. Then the wick is suspended in the centre of the mold. They then dissolve Stearic acid and color dye. The wax is then heated, when the temperature gets to 130 degrees the paraffin begins to melt. When the temperature reaches 190 degrees they combine the Stearic acid mixture with the paraffin. The mixture is then stirred and blended well, whilst being maintained at a temperature of 190 degrees. The mixture is then placed in to a mold to cool.

Many candles that are available nowadays are mechanically compressed using wax powder, and then they are given a fancy finish. These are easily identified, as they weigh very little and as a general rule burn very poorly.

Candle Wicks

candle wickThe candle wick gets specially adapted for use within the wax candle. Most wicks get impregnated or coated with wax to provide the initial fuel source for the candle to ignite. Whilst during the burning of the candle it is actually the candle wax itself that keeps the flame alight. Candle wicks are normally made from braided cotton and may have a stiff core, this is treated with a fire retardent to prevent the wick from burning away to nothing. The core used to be made from lead, but due to the threat of lead poisoning, lead wicks have been banned. The wicks stiffener is now normally made from zinc.

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