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Our Scented Candle Information Section ties together quality information in easy to read digestible chucks. Explore and learn about the wonderful world of scented candles and their uses around the world.

Yankee Candles

Yankee Candles

Yankee Candles has grown to encompass more than 300 Yankee Candle retail stores, a worldwide network with approximately 15,000 store locations, direct mail catalogues, an e-commerce site and international distributors.

  • Yankee Candles
    Christmas 1969, 16 year old Mike Kittredge is too broke to buy his mother a Christmas present that...
  • Yankee Candle Fragrances
    Their secret is trained noses. A committee of experts dedicated to researching fragrances...
  • Candle Burn Times
    Up to 15 hours burn time, when placed in an appropriate holder...
  • Yankee Collections
    Yankee Candle Accessories make it easy to update your decor and enjoy your favourite candles in style.
Prices Candles

Price's Candle

Price's Patent Candles LTD began manufacturing candles in 1830. By 1859 Price's Candles were producing 130 differently names and specific size candles.

  • Price's Candle
    Price's Candles have a long and close association with the Royal family...
  • Price's Candle Burn Times
    Candles have been used for more than 5,000 years, yet it is very hard to pin point their origins...
  • Price's Patent Candles
    Ever since Price's Patent Candles was founded in 1830, they have enjoyed the opportunity and...
St Eval Candles

St Eval Candles

The St Eval Candle Company produce quality handmade candles using traditional techniques and a unique range of naturally-inspired fragrances. Every St Eval candle is crafted in their small North Cornwall factory and finished by hand to ensure impeccable quality and a personal touch

  • St Eval Company Information
    St Eval believe that it is important to produce their fine candles without harming the beautiful environment of the...
St Eval Candles

Seda France Candles

Launched in 2001, Seda France take their initial inspiration from the classic French design fabric Toile de Jouy. Toile de Jouy is a process for printing on cotton and has given rise to the classic toile de jouy fabric printed with scenes of rural life. Seda France offers a modern interpretation of the classic toile pattern and the complex perfume fragrances, giving you truly unique candles and gift. The original toile de jouy design can be seen on many Seda France packaging and gives its name to their signature collection: Classic Toile.

  • Seda France Company Information
    Seda France produce luxury hand-poured scented candles that combine exclusive multi-note fragrance with classic French style and a twist of Hollywood glamour. Hand-poured and beautifully presented, each Seda France candle is a pleasure to receive...
St Eval Candles

Votivo Candles

Every Votivo product is handmade from start to finish. The aromatic candles are individually hand-poured, wrapped and finished. In a world of mass-produced mass-market fragrance, Votivo offer a personal touch with fine perfume oils, clean-burning wax and eclectic handmade packaging.

Types of Candles

Types of Candles

This is the common name for when a wax candle, scented or unscented, is poured, when being...

  • Types of Candles
    Types of candles avaliable form
  • Aromotherapy Candles
    Unfortunately we can't all afford a daily aromatherapy spa treatment. But whether you're lacking...
  • Candle Glossary
    Are you confused by some of the candle definitions? Let our candle glossary explain the meaning of all the candle jargon terms.
  • Citronella Candles
    The familiar scent of citronella oil is one of the most evocative summer fragrances in the world...
  • Christmas Candles
    At Scented Candle Shop we have everything you need for a joyful, stylish and very merry Christmas!
  • Smart Replica Candles
    Candles can discolour / fade when exposed to intense sunlight for extended periods...
  • Palm Oil Candles
    Having been grown as a commercial crop in Malaysia since 1917, the Oil Palm produces fruit...
  • Candle Accessories
    Due to the rise in popularity of decorative candles the varieties of candle holders has grown too...

Popular Candle Brands

  • Colony Candles
    The Lake District is one of the most captivating places on earth. With its oceanic lakes...
  • Copenhagen Candles
    Established in Denmark in the 1990s, the Copenhagen Candle Company moved to the UK in 2000...
  • Candles Naturally
    Handmade in Thailand from 100% renewable soy wax and utilising the highest quality essential...
  • Ashleigh & Burwood Candles
    Founded in 1993, Ashleigh & Burwood is recognisable as a brand which provides contemporary home fragrance...
  • Pintail Candles
    The Pintail Candle factory has been creating candles of excellence for over 10 years from its location...
  • Embrace Candles
    Enjoy the moment with the very finest candles, Embrace Candles...
  • Swazi African Candles
    Swazi Candles is a unique company that produces beautiful candles in the heart of Africa...

All About Candles

  • History Of Candles
    Candles have been used for more than 5000 years, yet it is very hard to pin point their origins...
  • Candle Care And Safety
    With the continuing growth in candle sales, for various reasons, aroma, ambiance, romance etc...
  • Candle Making
    The introduction of paraffin changed the face of candle making. It was an inexpensive and easy to...
  • Candle Problems And Questions
    Candles can discolour / fade when exposed to intense sunlight for extended periods...
  • Reasons To Switch To Soya Wax
    If you want your candle to be gorgeous, fragrant and environmentally friendly...
  • Candle Display Ideas
    Candlescaping is a form of displaying candles lots of candles together. When candlescaping you...

All About Aromatherapy

  • All About Aromatherapy
    There is one key difference between essential and fragrance oils - namely essential oils...

All About Incense

  • All About Incense
    Incense is a wonderful way to fragrance your home and we sell a wide variety of incense types...

Candles have been around for thousands of years, people have used candles for heat and light, religion, time keeping, frangrancing and much more! Wikipedia has an extensive section devoted to candles and candle history.

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