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Beautiful Lavender Scented Candles

June 17th, 2013

If you are searching for ways to de-stress, you can begin by simply lighting a Lavender Scented Candle. Lavender is not a new scent, but has been proven effective in its uses by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and even the modern medical community. Use lavender to ease anxiety, headaches, mood, and even sleeplessness. The fresh natural floral scent is ideal for soothing your senses. So, next time you feel the stressed and very tense, light one of our uplifting lavender scented candles.

Aromatherapy Candles

Treat yourself and guests by brightening up your home with an assortment of Lavender Aromatherapy Scented Candles. You can simply drift away in the balance of lavender, rose, lime, caraway, elemi, myrrh and geranium with Parks Nature’s Own Enriching Glass Candle. Or, if you desire to relax with a heavenly mixture of lavender and chamomile without the worry of a flame look further to Soothing Chamomile & Lavender Copenhagen Pyramid Reed Diffusers.

The Orange Lavender Aromatherapy Relaxation Incense Sticks & Cones from Ashleigh & Burwood create a carefree summer feel no matter where you are that all your family and friends will fall in love with. You’ll absolutely love the heavenly floral scent and will enjoy relaxing after a long day at work with the sweet smell of lavender flowing through your home for hours.

Lavender Jar Candles

Take comfort in obtaining a longer lasting scent with Lavender Jar Candles. These candles last for longer periods of time and come with a lid in order to preserve the fragrant lavender scent. This way when you remove the lid, the beautiful lavender fragrance can console you just as it did the first time. If you’re looking to add this fresh yet floral scent all around your home we suggest our popular votive samplers. These votive candles fit nicely into most candle holders or sit well individually for momentary use, such as the bathtub ledge during bath time.

You can also use several of these lavender votive candles to create a fragrant relaxing gold ambiance. To experience an even deeper relaxation use the organic method and try Lavender Scented Soy Candles. Soy candles burn safer and cleaner, which will only heighten the joy of your worry free afternoon. So, sit back, relax, and find comfort in lighting a lavender scented soy candle. However, if you desire lavender in a purer form, immerse yourself in the healing powers of Lavender Essential Oils. Essential oils can be used in many ways too. Add drops of the essential oil to a warm cloth for your face or an oil burner to revitalize your senses.

Parks Aromatherapy Glass Candle

Parks Aromatherapy Glass Candle

Bridgewater Lavender Lane Jar Candle

Bridgewater Lavender Lane Jar Candle

Heaven Scent Lavender Pillar

Heaven Scent Lavender Pillar

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