With over 2,500 products Scented Candle Shop is the place to buy all of your scented candles! We stock everything you need to get the aromas you want in your home, from Yankee Candles, Price's Candles, Christmas Candles, Wedding Candles, Flameless LED Candles, Reed Diffusers, Tealights, Wax Tarts, Candle Holders, Oil/Tart Burners, Candle Gift Sets and much more. Our range of scented candles is probably the biggest in the candle world! We also offer a corporate gift service for businesses and special events, including weddings.

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Yankee Candle Teapot Tart Warmer

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    We provide first class customer service with secure ordering online and off-line, worldwide delivery including FREE UK & European Delivery when you spend over $62.00! We have been trading online since the year 2000 and our experienced team is always ready to answer your scented candle questions.

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    Bring the Outdoors to Life with Garden Candles

    From tiny tea lights defining a pathway to the entrance of a house to hanging candles swinging majestically on a branch, drawing attention to a magnificent tree, candles can bring a garden to life all year round. Whether you're planning on having a party in the garden this Easter or merely want to introduce some warmth and colour into your garden during the cold and bare winter months, candles, in their various guises, can be used to bring life, colour and vibrancy to a garden.So which candles ...
    21 April, 2014

    10 Incredible Floating Candle Ideas

    There is nothing quite like candles elegantly and gently floating upon water to create a soft, charismatic and even romantic atmosphere. One of the best components of floating candles is that they can be used both inside and outside.So if you want to craft an atmospheric vibe either in the interior or exterior of your home, take a look at the following ten incredible floating candle ideas.You will be truly amazed at how little it costs to create a beautiful look and grab everyone's attention....
    14 April, 2014

    The History of Candle Making

    Candles have quite a fascinating history as they were independently invented by many different cultures around the world, though interestingly they didn't really catch on all over Europe until the middle-ages. Other places like the Middle East and parts of Africa were also slower to make use of candles, though this is mostly due to the prevalence of olives and the oil from them being used in oil lamps. Making Candles at Home Candle Making Around the World Candles have only been manufacture...
    07 April, 2014

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    We recommend you start exploring the world of scented candles by taking a look at the Yankee Candle, Price's Candles and Colony Candle ranges. These brands offer some of the biggest and best candle fragrances around! Explore our candle directory for a full list of brands and candle manufacturers.

    We stock over 2,500 different types of candles and scented products, including scented & unscented candles, wax tarts, tea lights, votives, pillar candles, candle holders and a vast array of candle accessories. So what ever your candle needs, you'll find something at Scented Candle shop!

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    "Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for such amazing efficiency. I put my order in just before 3?o clock yesterday,(Friday) and it was delivered before 10-30 the following morning. To say that I?m" - Mrs S A Sharp

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