With over 2,500 products Scented Candle Shop is the place to buy all of your scented candles! We stock everything you need to get the aromas you want in your home, from Yankee Candles, Price's Candles, Christmas Candles, Wedding Candles, Flameless LED Candles, Reed Diffusers, Tealights, Wax Tarts, Candle Holders, Oil/Tart Burners, Candle Gift Sets and much more. Our range of scented candles is probably the biggest in the candle world! We also offer a corporate gift service for businesses and special events, including weddings.

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    We provide first class customer service with secure ordering online and off-line, worldwide delivery including FREE UK & European Delivery when you spend over $62.00! We have been trading online since the year 2000 and our experienced team is always ready to answer your scented candle questions.

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    Why Are Candles Used On Birthdays?

    From about the age of two when you begin to equate candles with the joyous and exciting act of blowing them out on a birthday cake, we are quickly trained to associate candles with birthdays. Like most traditions we just seem to accept and follow the ritual of blowing out candles on our birthdays. When we really think about this celebratory custom that's been deeply engrained into contemporary culture, it's begs the question: Just why are candles used on birthdays? Origins With Ancient Greece ...
    28 July, 2014

    Decorate Your Wedding Venue for Cheap

    Let's face it, it might be the most important day of your life but most of the people you invite to your wedding aren't going to remember the intricate details of the decoration you spent weeks and weeks planning to perfection. They're going to remember who was the most drunken at the reception, how embarrassed the groom looked during the first dance and the baby that cried all the way through your vows. Of course it is important to create a good atmosphere with the way you set up the recepti...
    21 July, 2014

    Pros and Cons of Battery Operated LED Candles

    If you love candles but worry about the safety issues involved, especially if you have young children or pets running around which may knock them over, then you don?t necessarily have to miss out on the ambient effects that candlelight can provide your home. LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology has been utilised to create safe candles that operate without a flame and are perfectly safe in the company of curious children or excitable pets. Advantages of LED Flameless Candles Check out the Do?...
    14 July, 2014

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    We recommend you start exploring the world of scented candles by taking a look at the Yankee Candle, Price's Candles and Colony Candle ranges. These brands offer some of the biggest and best candle fragrances around! Explore our candle directory for a full list of brands and candle manufacturers.

    We stock over 2,500 different types of candles and scented products, including scented & unscented candles, wax tarts, tea lights, votives, pillar candles, candle holders and a vast array of candle accessories. So what ever your candle needs, you'll find something at Scented Candle shop!

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    " Just thought I would let you know what a pleasure your company is to deal with, my orders are delivered within a couple of days of being ordered and so well packaged. Wonderful service!!. Your" - Donna

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